In addition to my three-month personal hiatus, I am deactivating Facebook after 7 years of dedicated work that has reached tens of thousands of souls. This was not an easy decision to make but I find it necessary for the long term growth and maintenance of energetic integrity.

I am placing this post on the website as Facebook (where most of you know me from) is suppressing my work. As a link here it has more chance of being seen and shared amongst the wider community of fans.

My reasons for leaving Facebook are not ‘ caving into FB trolls ‘ or ‘ feeling overwhelmed ‘ . I am simply disgusted by the level of censorship.

I found some new injunctions they have placed on my words from reaching people today and I find it counterproductive to my time and energy. I may choose to reactivate it later again in this year, but only if I am strongly guided to do so.

I am no longer able to do live videos on FB or to even uploaded pre-recorded videos. People who have me set to ‘ see first ‘ are still unable to see my posts. I am not able to share my website in a private message. Links containing information on social justice issues are not working when sent to me via messenger.

These are not coincidences. This is a targeted attempt at silencing my voice.

And my response to that is to leave a space that does not respect that voice. Never stay in a space where you have to fight for crumbs.

My work will continue after my 3-month personal break on alternative social media platforms. I am still taking that break to recharge and to launch some new initiatives.

I am on instagram and twitter @ theskypriestess

I am on Youtube (search my name)

And of course the prime connection is my website

Though I am not going to be publicly posting for three months – you can bet I will still be at work. Once I return, my work will definitely be posted on those channels.

So, members of community – it’s time for us to migrate. FB is no longer a safe container for my work or voice.

Whilst all of this is going on …

Sessions will still be continuing AS USUAL.

Tier-23 will be where the focused astrological guidance is sent out to subscribers

You can also send contributions there if so inclined.

So to re-cap

(1) Taking a three month personal break for reasons explained in video. You should know me well enough to know that I’ll also be working on projects in that time. But I need to conserve more of that emotional energy that I spend on the videos, articles and lives and redirect a part of that to my own healing and projects.

(2) I do not know if I will return to FB. Please follow me on the other channels, especially my website and youtube. I do not find FB a safe space for anyone talking about anything that truly matters and the censorship is only going to get worse. We will rebuild our community in a less toxic environment.

(3) Sessions and Tier-23 will continue for those seeking guidance throughout the 3 month social media hiatus. I need you to like, share and/or comment so FB is not able to hide this post.

I will be deactivating this account and The Sky Priestess page in 2 days’ time. That is on the 5th of March 2020 at 3:07 am UTC time – just as Venus enters Taurus and trines Ixion (The Tyrant).

What I hope to achieve through this is a more focused, dedicated community willing to engage in causes and perspectives that work towards a better planet.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


  1. Karen Moon says:

    Bairavee, I would invite you to come over to . Most people give little thought on how the algorithms of the mass social media platforms construct your ‘reality’. Never healthy to give anyone or thing that much power. I have designed so that the USER decides where to go. There is an Astrology Community Post, and I would encourage you to post on there. The app continues to grow every single day as a ‘dandelion roots’ effort and is reaching thousands around the world. Much love and blessings to you, Karen

  2. Kyla says:

    Also, you might like to investigate WikiTribune Social — who are attempting to create an alternative social media. At first it seemed they were charging a fee to join but they seem to have abandoned that….. I have NOT been active but have considered trying them again recently. Anyway, here is the main link:

  3. Aimee Chiofalo says:

    You have a beautiful rest and I hope all good things for you. I will certainly always be in touch, <3

  4. Priestess Auset Ra Amen says:

    This is why I also deleted my Facebook page. The censorship of people of color, who I feel are targeted, in having conversations around issues facing us. Facebook seek to control the narrative. I will not have my freedom of speech violated by a racist platform.


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