Podcast Announcement: The Sky Priestess Speaks on Thereus – The Hunter Stalker

Hello everyone. In this podcast, I speak about Thereus, the Hunter-Stalker what this centaur-planet (32532) represents for us at a psychological, astrological and societal level.

I’m working on a book on this after 4 years of research and find it to be key in understanding the sea-change in global attitudes towards fear, terror and security. It has profound political and societal implications.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by veteran astrologer Chris Flisher on his podcast ‘ Turning of The Wheel’ .

Here’s the direct link (the youtube vid is just my intro to it):


Whilst I am still on my larger social media hiatus, I’ll still be sending you announcements like these.

Remember that sessions are ongoing and can be booked at www.theskypriestess.as.me

Much Love!


5 thoughts on “Podcast Announcement: The Sky Priestess Speaks on Thereus – The Hunter Stalker

  1. Pam Ford says:

    Looking forward to listening and learning!

  2. fly2arrow says:

    Bairavee I am a 15 Leo with Pluto 22 le. I have always had a good relationship with my sons yet the past few months my youngest son attacks me verbally every time I see him.. even on his birthday when I arrived with a gift… I feel he has dark entities attached to him (A Pisces heavy drinker) his Thereus 3 ge…. I do not respond, I just leave… BUT then on 9 nov 2019 my elder son has started the same thing. He is 45 and always been loving but now I do not want to go near him, when on last 5 visits he has been attacking and destructive. His natal Thereus is 25 taurus 19 conjunct Apophis 26 ta… …. His fathers Moon is 24 ta – one day he turned into his father, like he was possessed, a man I left 40 years ago.. Been searching astrology for answers and it seems Thereus in the main figure in this drama…

  3. fly2arrow says:

    Wow just listened to the end of your podcast on Thereus Discovery chart… My Venus is 4 cancer, weakly aspected … Also I chose to step back from a Grandson who had been pushing against me for some time… after mothering him all his life ….. (mum an alcoholic so he lived with Dad) He is Capricorn 3 Sun with Thereus 2 cap…. so I see the issues between us came up with the eclipse 26th Dec..

  4. fly2arrow says:

    Have to keep sharing as I find this more about Thereus… He is 15 leo conjunct my Sun 15 leo in Solar Return chart….. quincunx Saturn 15 cap… So need to figger out why I am drawing this out of my sons… Hope this is good info for your book.


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