Bide Your Time: Observe, Don’t Invest

Whilst Venus in Gemini may be inciting us to do things, go places, meet people, MOVE, etc… this isn’t really the time to be doing anything of the sort. The astrology of the present is one of false starts and gilded opportunities. There is a level of collective beguilement in the air that seeks to direct and harness the the psychic and mental forces of humanity for less than ideal purposes.

Many sensitives are picking up the influence of the False Light, i.e. things which appear to use the imagery, colours and form of Truly Light-based technologies. Unfortunately, the only thing which seems to be able to differentiate between the two is an ego willing to see the difference.

Many are being hooked into committing their energies through the rhetoric of spiritual service, sacrifice, duty and obligation. With Vesta (The Priestess) also moving through Gemini – at first glance – these words may seem a call to action. In truth, they are (mostly) hooks for the generation of unnecessary karmic divergences.

Venus herself goes through a retrograde in Gemini between 13 May till 25 June. So whatever you’re working on is going to be renegotiated in any case. This applies to work, relationships, friendships, whatever you allow into your immediate environment and headspace. I would say wait (at the very least) till September before trying to commit to anything that is of a longer-term nature.

Saturn in Aquarius appears to be bringing in a new wave of energy but this too is a false start and a test in discernment. Remember that it will move backwards into Capricorn on the 1st of July, emerging back in Aquarius only on December 17. These are points where you will have to (in any case) revisit what whatever commitments you make and actions you take.

Jupiter conjuncted Pluto (24 Capricorn) on April 5th (UTC) time. Whilst this is a collective alignment that impacts all, it is wiser to observe than to try and harness this energy. It occurs again on the 30th of June and 12th of November. These are times of major crisis, upheaval and change. And it is wise to let them play through as needed.

As mentioned previously, the only prayer I would recommend is simply sending Love to the Earth without an agenda or program. If anything is required, it is simply this: A request to be gentle as these transitions occur. That’s it.

Humility, discernment and the willingness to let larger forces play themselves through is key this year. Stay away from the collective miasma that is present and work instead at the individual level.

The Earth has withstood billions of years of change. The idea that human beings are somehow in charge of her ultimate destiny is anthropomorphic hubris.

As I state in the video, anyone claiming to have the responsibility to change the planet’s destiny must also bear responsibility for the untold suffering of the innocent. It is simply not in our hands. Recognizing it as such is a lesson in humility.

But that is not the same as powerlessness and defeat. It simply means that we have to refine our sensitivity, discernment and deepen our relationship with Spirit. We will have things to do: but 2020 for the most part is not it. September-December brings greater opportunities to tie up loose ends from old karma, but a new chapter only truly begins in December.

Till then. Wait. Watch. Listen.

I refer you to the lesson of Ray in Ghostbusters 1984: Operate from a state of no-mind rather than mindlessness.

Otherwise …. prepare for the Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Man.


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4 thoughts on “Bide Your Time: Observe, Don’t Invest

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Of all the astrologers of which I know, I find your work to have the very highest consciousness and value. Thank you from all of us who benefit.

  2. Mylene says:

    Thank you> So far I’m aligned, thanks for helping me with such clear confirmations. Stay Blessed.


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