April 9-23: Lift Karma, Assemble The Team, Listen To The Earth (Video Re-uploaded)

Over the next two weeks, we see multiple opportunities to connect with souls who are on the same wavelength or frequency.

That being said, it is still not time to act. It is time to strategize, find the right people, resources, logistics, frameworks, metaphysical guides to help you manifest whatever your chosen path of service is.

I recommend thinking about creating co-operative efforts, shelters, non-profits, private charities and networks that create a safety net for those who are most vulnerable.

In my analysis of alignments over the next 6-7 years, I can confirm that we are nowhere near the end of this intense phase of shifting. We need help and we have to help ourselves.

It’s all well talking about Love and Light but it’s better if you can hand a loaf of bread to your neighbour three streets down who may not daily supplies. That’s the kind of practical, embodied engagement that we need right.

But we need to plan it right. And that takes time.

Venus entered the shadow phase on 9 Gemini, will undergo a retrograde between 13 May to 25 June and will finally leave that shadow on 29 July. All this happens between 5-21 Gemini. (Note that dates are calculated on the basis of UTC time)

This is why I keep saying wait. It’s just not time yet.

You have a lot of legwork to do beforehand.

You need to find the right human and metaphysical networks who are benevolently predisposed to the work you want to be doing. That involves working with your guides, angels, benevolent protectors in addition to humans with resources, will and vision and the willingness to work with others doing the same.

At the spiritual level, this is about praying for the lifting of collective obstacles and entrenched karma. Having the humility to recognize that this is bigger than you and you will not solve it by your will alone will spare you from many problems when the South Node in Sagittarius transit begins.

I sometimes have people complaining about why I’m not talking about x, y, z but I am a firm believer in having the wisdom when (and when not to) share certain pieces of knowledge. So if you’re following my work, trust in the process. What I share with you is a highly condensed version of hours of reflection and research. And it has to come from a pure space.

We will see major opportunities for connecting with the right team mates between 14-18 April. This is due to a Grand Air Trine with Mars in Aquarius, Vesta and Venus in Gemini, Juno in Libra and Bienor in Gemini (reminding us of the need for integrity in act, word, deed and speech).

Whilst it’s tempting to want to commit into long-term actions in the name of soul-connections and service, wait it out.

It’s hard, but the best lessons aren’t always easy (if at all).

Wait it out and watch to see if people walk their talk. Because it is all too easy to talk and not put in real effort.

Given that it’s ‘ Saturn’ in Aquarius we’re talking about, that will simply not do and we are well past the time of accepting ‘thoughts and prayers’ as the fuel of changing the world.

Until you can actually quench your thirst and fill your belly with visualization techniques, you still need to engage the physical to help yourself and others. There is no way out of that.

Whilst it is good to help as many as you can, you do not need to become the victim, martyr or packmule of the group. Strive towards sustainable altruism rather than patterns of martyrdom. Hold each member of your group accountable and value what each person actually brings to the table. What you choose to give freely is up to you, but the structure of your network needs to be one of mutual respect.

And this does not manifest overnight. Aim to launch such projects (at earliest) around August/September. We will get more insights in the month of December with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 Aquarius inconjunct Thereus at 0 Virgo. Paying attention to the basic needs of a person, group, society, etc. is the way forwards.

There are also multiple opportunities of triggering and/or rebellious backlash, especially around April 13-15 with the Sun conjunct Eris in Aries squaring Pluto (on the day of its occultation with the Moon) and Jupiter in Capricorn. We see similar clashes as The Sun enters Taurus, trines Ixion the tyrant at 0 Capricorn and squares Saturn at 1 Aquarius between 19-21 April.

There is little point of you trying to push through collective blockages by yourself. Hand the job over to your metaphysical team. And wait for the right time of action.

Take time time to sit in silence, watch your breath and let your inner wisdom arise. You need this space of uninterrupted processing to make sure you’re on the right track with the right people. The karmic hookery is a little intense in this period and so make sure you’re going in for the right reasons.

It could be a collective project, business or soul-connection: come at it from a space of self love and not from the idea that you are not worth love if you don’t have to work for it or settle for any less.

Know that the Earth is oversaturated and going through her own process. Best let her be through her own process and be mindful if living on Earthquake-prone areas, especially as you get towards the New Moon conjunct Uranus, trined South Node and Pholus and squared Saturn on April 23rd.

There’s actually A LOT more information in the most recent installation of Tier-23. A 41-minute video and detailed writeup on Thereus, Black Moon Lilith, Nessus and other Galactic Alignments of interest as well.

Whether or not you subscribe, you’ll still get the basic guidance to best handle these transits in the most aligned way possible.

I would great appreciate it if you could consider joining the program or contributing to my work in a material way so as to make it sustainable for me in the long term.

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Much love – and I look forwards to your support, where you are able.


Dr. Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


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