The Epidemic of Over-Saturated Spirituality

Spirituality becomes an endless game of catch-up when it externalizes the problem and the process of healing.

This is not to say that bad things do not happen, but by placing the focus on what is happening around and locating the root of a solution outside ourselves, we create karmic pathways of dependency and a never-ending quest for fulfillment. 

It’s the kind of energy that points you to the next great problem, the next great technique, the next great teacher over and over again. And there is no end in sight.

Whilst we are always learning, it does not make sense to repeat the same loops with different players. 

Then there are those to internalize too deeply, taking on board responsibility for things that are beyond their ability and shutting out help. This is rarer, but just as damaging in different ways. The entire ‘you-manifested-this-so-its-your-fault’ is a collorary to this idea. 

True, our participation in collective agreements exists but it occurs at a level of consciousness that most lack clear, unfiltered access to. And even when someone has the ability to say No, walking amongst the collective pushes them back into the same field. Taking an extreme view on spiritual responsibility for collective manifestation seems cruel and counterproductive.

A balanced path is somewhere between the two. You recognize the situational, karmic and contextual forces that have ordered and shaped things without your conscious awareness. 

You recognize what is within your power to manage and consciously reach out for interventions that can break you out of a loop. And you get back to life, whatever that is, whoever you / your experience of being is.

This is why I suggest at minimum a six month gap between sessions for most clients. Three if it’s a very intense situation. Other modalities may require a more intense starting point before phasing out to the completion of the process.

We’re not meant to receive high intensity facilitations all of the time. It takes away a lot from the internal process and the natural cycles of growth and experience one moves through in time. And it warps our experiences.

Over-facilitation is an unspoken epidemic within the spiritual community.
Probably because saying out loud is bad for business for those who see it as such.

The take home message from this is as follows:

(1) Trust yourself.

(2) Trust Spirit.

(3) Come home to yourself. No matter how scary that might be at times. At least, make that the goal.

(4) From time-to-time, work with aligned individuals who have the skills, approach and experience you need to help shift things. Do only as much as you can at a bit of time.

(5) Come home to yourself. Give it time to settle in and process.

(6) Take your time. There is no rush. There is no need to fix it all overnight. Because you will always find something else to fix after that.

(7) Repeat.

Now, more than ever, we need to come home to ourselves realize that is where we need to begin our work from.

The attached video gives you more context.


Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


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2 thoughts on “The Epidemic of Over-Saturated Spirituality

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    8n the United States there’s a sort of reverse-ego phenomenon which has been running rampant among the community of spiritual seekers for quite some time now, and that’s what I call the Eternal Seeker expectation. One is expected always to be, with exaggerated humility, seeking, but must never admit to finding. Those who do not admit to finding get an ego rush from their superior humility. It’s one of those real blind alleys with which the Path is furnished, to delay the unready…

  2. Pursue You says:

    “Spirituality becomes an endless game of catch-up when it externalizes the problem and the process of healing.” – YES YES YES!


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