Hello, Neighbour #7!, Chant Recommendation + Interview Link

Hello friends. We just had HN #7 recently. YouTube is still acting weird so it doesn’t come up automatically. The Hello Neighbour series is a tribute to the works of Mr. Fred Rogers (check out the TV show Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood). That man’s legacy of compassion, kindness and inclusion is an inspiration.

The Hello Neighbour series is live and people ask questions about life and spirit and so we cover a lot of ground.

A friend of mine also recommended a powerful chant to me today. I found it an incredible, resonant tool in helping me reconnect back with the Gaia. Love and Connection are the only ‘prayers’ needed here.

And in case you hadn’t heard already, I had this incredibly resonant, heart opening & activating interview with the Dream Wise Family. Lots of information therein. And a powerful shift for those who listen ready to learn. You can search for it by typing ‘Sunday Service with The Sky Priestess’ in Google or using the link:

Sending all of you much much love !!


2 thoughts on “Hello, Neighbour #7!, Chant Recommendation + Interview Link

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Uboob having issues with a cosmically wise and literarilly brilliant priestess? Fancy that! 🤣

  2. Susan says:

    Amazing interview . I resonated with everything you said. Deep real talk right to the core.


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