Whoops, I Did It Again! ( Compassion alone does not cut it)

I let myself get taken in by someone wearing the victim card today. My compassion got the better of me as I wanted to help but instead found my time and energy taken for granted.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten better at nipping those interactions in the bud but sometimes it still does occur.

I figure that writing about this would also be of use. One, as a reminder to myself; Two as a public acknowledgement. As I’m fairly sure some of you are grappling with something similar.

It’s a reminder to keep my boundaries up and discernment strong , even if it seems harsh to some. There’s a lot of opportunistic energy out there.

I have had the privilege of helping people through some truly dire situations in their life and reminding them of their own strength.

Unfortunately I’ve also come across people perpetuating abusive behavior whilst wearing the badge of victim, false humility, false submissiveness, etc .

Sometimes it’s unconscious, sometimes it’s more deliberate. People assume they can get away with more when they paint themselves as victims.

But I can tell you that when I do come across it, I draw those lines and say: No.

Compassion and discernment are needed in equal measure.

Sometimes there are those with whom reasoned dialogue is possible, sometimes you just have to walk.

It’s not a pleasant scenario when that happens. But I try to give a person the benefit of the doubt at least once.

If there is no change or point, I then remove them from my space and deny them access to my energy and services.

I am not here to be a battery to others.
Or to have my energy disrespected.

And whilst I can’t nip it all in the bud, I’ve got a pretty decent success rate.

Lessons from the Universe. It knows how to keep you humble and remind you that you are here to learn.


Bairavee <3

7 thoughts on “Whoops, I Did It Again! ( Compassion alone does not cut it)

  1. Donna K Greer says:

    boundaries, boundaries, boundaries, we all need our boundaries…good for you

  2. Amma says:

    Thank you for sharing that with us, it was truly reflective and helpful. I look forward towards working with you.

  3. Ana Daksina says:

    One of my most consistent poetic messages is the importance of clear, fair and consistently maintained boundaries — not where “everybody knows” but where we ourselves know they should be. Stay strong, sister

  4. Ruby says:

    I hear you…and indeed the NO too. What a ride this is. 🙂

  5. anna berk says:

    Thanks for telling this , I meet the same reactions and have to go back to my own energie . Thank you Anna

  6. Ronnie Graham says:

    I enjoyed your thoughts on dealing with “the victim” when it becomes evident your services are not appreciated in the way you’ve intended them to be. Life continues to provide challenges for us to step up and be accountable it seems and knowing that you accept and respond to those challenges responsibly is inspiring.


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