Scorpio Full Moon: Truth Knocks At Your Door (Video)

Hello everyone. I did this video a few hours ago discussing key aspects at play during the Scorpio Full Moon. It’s the first 15 minutes – the rest of the time turned into a rich, rewarding Q&A session.

The key take-home message from the Scorpio Full Moon is that Truth comes Knocking at your Door. Much revelation comes through that shows you the nature of relationships, intimate partnerships, karmic connections and ancestral inheritances.

This is because Neptune (20 Pisces) trines the Full Moon (17 Scorpio). As Neptune (20 Pisces) is also squared to Venus (20 Gemini), we see relationships as the key vessel through which these truths are communicated to us.

Thereus (16 Leo) actually forms a Fixed T-Square with the Sun (17 Taurus) and Moon (17 Scorpio) – this raises the need for us to collectively be willing to look at patterns of shadow and covert parasitism. Many are likely to be responding in a state of fear to their own fear of the truth.

Either way, given just how psychic this lunation is – whatever Truths you have been avoiding will be revealed fully. If you choose to see it as a blessing, you pave the seeds for a deeper and smoother spiritual transformation.

As stated in my previous video, these are not times to jump the gun and invest into new things – especially when it comes to relationships and the management of material resources. Where you can, observe first before committing.

Refer to the first 15 minutes of the video for more information. And if you need some guidance from me, book a session at . Contributions are also welcomed at .

Much Love

Dr. Bairavee

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  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Thank you for yaking the trouble as well to provide us with a written synopsis — it’s appreciated!


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