Follow Up – Current Alignments (12-15 May, 2020)

Hello everyone! Here are the key dates and aspects at play. (As promised)

4th May – Neptune (20 Pisces) square Venus (20 Gemini)

12th May – Neptune (20 Pisces) square Vesta (20 Gemini)

13th May – Mars enters Pisces, Venus stations retrograde at 21 Gemini

14th May – Jupiter stations retrograde at 27 Capricorn, Mars (1 Pisces) trines Mean Node (1 Cancer)

15th May – Venus Rx conjunct Vesta at 21 Gemini (revisit April 14 at 9 Gemini), Sun (24 Taurus) trine Pluto (24 Capricorn)

Venus goes over the points of its conjunction with Vesta on 14th April (and again 11th June and 10th July) at 9 Gemini and on May 15th (previously 11 May and later on 29 July) at 21 Gemini. So there’s a knot to untangle between Venus and Vesta here.

As stated in the video, be very, very careful with what you choose to invest in, sacrifice, martyr yourself / others for in the name of love, business, relationships and service of all kinds.

It’s good to give, but it’s got to come from a place of sustainability – and one which honors the importance of letting each person work their journey in their own time. You can help, but you can’t assume responsibility for another’s path.

There is a fine line to tread between the two, especially for empaths, facilitators, or both. (Or indeed anyone with a working heart).

Please remember that some people gain more of an ego-identity by building a narrative and edifice on the story of their persecution or victimhood. It happens a lot within the ‘ narcissistic family tree ‘ – look up this concept if you have never heard of it before. It may just save your life.

This is not to say that these stories are untrue, but it is to say that you cannot help someone who gains more from staying in a space of confinement. It sounds strange until you witness these dynamics firsthand.

Some of you may also see similar patterns playing through family-of-origin. Don’t be afraid to say no to the same patterns if you encounter them again, and do not feel the need to feel remorse for it.

Others may be more hooked in the traditional fashion, either through the words and vestments of that which poses to be ‘ the sacred ‘ or through promises of love.

Remember that true connections can arise at this time, but you need to be willing to see past any and all illusions you believe in, and that which is projected to you.

Be honest in your dealings and speak your truth to those who can help. Do not mistake compassion for weakness or kindness as the permission to burden another with your responsibilities. It works both ways.

This is generally a time period to also look at the health of the mind, breath and surrounding environments. Reflection, breath-work and really .. patience … will go a really long way at this time.

You can find more information on financial, intimate, sexual and other energetic matters if you’re willing to face the truth of yourself and your role in things at this time. It’s hard and it challenges the ego – but it’s what has to happen.

Remember that you do not need to do this all by yourself. You can reach out to facilitators, counselors, psychologists and specialists who have the necessary qualifications and expertise – but remember they are not here to fill your wounds, only to show you the way to heal them.

Remember to keep your cup empty so that you do not block new information coming in. It is also unwise to try and place a facilitator into specific role in your own narrative. That, in the long run, will not help anyone.

More information in the previous video.

Much love

Dr Bairavee

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  1. Alecs3000 says:

    Haven’t the nodes shifted from Capricorn and Cancer to Sagittarius and Gemini?

  2. Jennifer Holmes says:

    Thank you always Bairavee for taking the time to do the work that benefits the whole. I appreciate your time and expertise. Jennifer


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