Hallo everyone! In this live video, I talk about the general nature of Gemini Season, the specific astrological opportunities brought about by the upcoming Gemini New Moon and how it all builds-up to the Solstice Eclipse.

Here’s a brief summary – though I recommend watching the video for the energetic nuances.

Gemini season (May 20-June 20, UTC) gives us the opportunity to take a breath, pause and look at how our reality and relationship with Spirit is the product of our everyday choices and repeated mental patterns and narratives. Often these choices and scripts are made in childhood through the influence of those around us such as siblings.

Gemini season is an excellent time to be revisiting these early investments in identity and to choose to re-work aspects of them if appropriate. Just because you grew up believing a thing does not mean it has to be your permanent reality.

The best way to do this from the spiritual perspective is to slow down and listen to your breath. Make the time. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Your soul will thank you for it.

If you do feel the need for external facilitation, give yourself the chance first to listen within. If you feel a blockage or mental loop you can’t get out of, then seek help. A lot of you can help yourselves far more effectively if you integrate a more conscious approach to breathing for just a few minutes into your lives every day.

The New Moon in Gemini (2 Gemini, 17:38 UTC, May 22nd 2020) trines Saturn Rx at 1 Aquarius. This will be a powerful time to set intentions to express and receive information in ways that involve group, friends, guides, technologies and so on.

Be very discerning as to who and what you let into your space, be it physically or virtually as there are a lot of agendas about. Never feel the need to sacrifice your identity to the cause of something larger – because that is really not why you came here in the first place.

On the day of the New Moon, we also see Mercury (20 Gemini) conjunct Venus Rx, both squaring Neptune (20 Pisces). Venus already made an exact square to Neptune on May 20th, the day the Sun entered Gemini. This is the reminder to look at our everyday thoughts, ideas and interactions and to see how it all filters into our relationships (personal, professional, all kinds).

Your relationships are, in one way or another, a reflection of some aspect of your Spiritual existence. Reflections are not always straightforward so resist the temptation to equate a bad relationship with negative karma or that you deserved it or attracted it or whatever. The Universe is weird and the way karma operates goes far beyond surface-level comparisons.

Look to see what message your relationships are giving you right now, and remember that it can be traced back to situations you may have encountered in early childhood. There’s a lot of healing possible with this alignment, but equally a lot of hurt if you go about it without discernment.

We’ll be seeing this energy revisited in late July with Venus in direct motion over 20 Gemini so think of these opportunities as key adjustment points.

On a more esoteric note, we will be seeing a Yod or Finger of Fate with Pluto Rx at 24 Capricorn, Vesta at 24 Gemini and Ceto at 23 Scorpio. Pluto refers to our connection with shadow, Vesta to our acceptance or rejection of (usually extreme) understandings of service and Ceto as the serpentine archetype. This is something best described in the way address in the video as it is deeply subjective and fluid.

Long story short, a good time to realize your voice is important in your journey and and it does not need to be sacrificed in your own life. Some of you will be having very complicated emotions and dreams, be it about water, serpents, getting swallowed, and so on. Whatever it is, let it pass and do not dwell on the past.

Breathe. Observe. Breathe. Observe. Speak your truth if called. Seek guidance if called. Breathe. Observe. Repeat.

Having said all that, it’s important to note that the energy of the New Moon ripens with the Gemini Full Moon on November 30th, 2020. All of this energy is in a buildup to 2 eclipses in June (one aspecting the Great Attractor and one conjuncting 0 Cancer – Solstice Point).

It’s wise to use the time between now and the start of Eclipse season to clear the mental slate, internally and externally. Purify the air around you through smudging, saging (ideally with plants local to your land / tradition – in a sustainable way) or through diffusing essential oils (sourced sustainably).

Remember that oils and resins have a powerful effect on body and mind and some of them are not suited for pets, those who are pregnant, people with specific health concerns or who are immunologically compromised. Be discerning as to their effects on the larger environment and your immediate one too. The safest way is to sniff oils from a bottle (e.g. eucalyptus, basil, tea tree) if in doubt – and remember to check contraindications first.

Much love to all of you.

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HOWEVER, please spend some time sitting with yourself first.

Dr Bairavee
The Sky Priestess



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