Hello Neighbour #9 : Black Lives Matter Edition

This edition of Hello, Neighbour is a live example of fact-checking and doing basic research. It is also about standing in solidarity. You don’t need to listen to this is you already know how to look up and do basic research. And if you have an understanding of the fact racism is bad. This is really 101 stuff.

I shouldn’t even need to say this, but sadly social media takes accountability away from the individual as they can say whatever they like without considering the cost of it. It also encourages the spreading of rumors and gossip if unchecked.

Whatever you say has a cost. Spreading misinformation and rumours has a cost. Whether it’s to the movement itself or to those whom you are distracting with unsubstantiated claims.

It does not matter whether you read it from a website, or if it’s just your theory, or if a spirit told it to you : what you say now and have silence on speaks volumes about your path and journey. You may justify it in the name of expressing yourself, but know there is a cost to spreading a lie. Even if it makes you feel excited or cool or ‘in-the-know’.

If you’re going to say anything in my space that has a huge political weight, please know that I will ask you for sources and references. If you’re using my space to project nonsense unto me or others, know that you will be banned from accessing my material.

I’m very happy to engage in dialogue and answer questions for clarification. But I will not promote someone’s agenda here by allowing them to use my space as an advertising board.

If you want to vent your spleen on conspiracy theories, please do it elsewhere.

If you are not doing anything to help and use that space to do nothing at all – or worse – to discredit those who do : I honestly wonder what you’re doing here in this space.

Hello Neighbour is not about making people feel comfortable, it is about looking at your neighbour with truth, clarity and compassion. Especially if that neighbour has been projected on as sub-human.

Take the time.
Critique the sources
Look for different perspectives

That’s the basis of learning and critical thinking.


With Respect

Dr Bairavee

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