Who Is The Sky Priestess?

An honest, heartfelt sharing of my story and how / why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I’ve had a lot to reflect on since my departure from Facebook and the challenges I’ve been facing in establishing a new community centered on Youtube.

I spent seven years in Facebookland trying to create the same space but ultimately did not succeed. It was a much larger, global audience with 18-hour days online activism and community building for seven years – generating tens of thousands of conversations.

This wasn’t just a business or an individual sharing posts online: it became a very large network bridging a very diverse group of people. With real and meaningful conversations and deep sharing.

It became the focus of my life and existence. The thing that brought me back no matter what other challenges I faced.

And I had to leave it behind.

I can tell you it wasn’t an easy choice.

My primary reason?

I was not truly heard or seen by the people I was trying to help.

I found that people were projecting in me either as teacher, guru, savior – or bully, aggressor, intimidator – or friend, sister, or mother – or advertising board, or resource or something to exploit or use.

I did find some true friends through that and I remain in contact with them. And I can tell you that finding those willing to see you without projection is rare. So rare and precious.

The thing that really finally broke my connection with that platform and the community was

(1) picking on teenagers, especially those who are differently abled (Parkland protests / Greta Thunberg / Quaden Bayles etc. )

(2) white fragility around questions of race and politics

(3) homophobia and transphobia

(4) the willingness to ignore social justice in name of spirituality

(5) the ease with which people ignored basic human compassion in the name of being right

(6) sheer cognitive dissonance that would allow a person to claim transcendence and deep spiritual seeking on the other hand and then oppress a minority / person of marginalized identity without batting an eyelid

In short : my unwillingness to center an understanding of divinity on the basis of gender, sexuality and race devoid of political ramifications led me to break away from a community I invested so much of my energy and time into.

Simply as the truth of their projections and agendas came out the moment I said anything that did not fit into their bubble of the way they wanted to see me.

I can tell you my life and business would be a lot easier and a lot more lucrative if I didn’t talk about these things.

But I’m called to.

Because it’s important.

Honestly, I felt I had failed.

All that time trying to teach people about truth and discernment, spirituality and politics and the need to think and re think and not give into half-truths and indoctrination – And they still didn’t get it.

And it was getting worse.

And I couldn’t help.

It’s easy to pedestalize The Sky Priestess when she’s talking about a sky far far away from your life in the here and now.

And that is Really … Really …. Not what I am about.

Do your due diligence.

Stop projecting on people to be what you need them to be (be it a saviour or a Boogeyman)

And your path will be a lot clearer for it.

Dr Bairavee

Additional Information:

https://www.linkedin.com/in/bairaveebalasubramaniamphd https://theskypriestess.com/2014/07/14/about_me/

13 thoughts on “Who Is The Sky Priestess?

  1. Kyla says:

    Oh Bairavee, I am sorry you felt or feel like a failure because of not helping or affecting those people whom you could not reach via Facebook. In a very much smaller way I had a similar experience once, of trying with all I had to share something I deeply intuitively and spiritually grok with someone who simply could not go there. I did end up feeling like a failure, largely because I care so much about what I was attempting to transmit. (I hope this does not read as projection because I also see huge differences between your story and my own!) Solidarity! and gratitude to you.

  2. Linda Sarr says:

    Good day Bairavee. Thank you for even taking the time to share your thoughts and a bit of who you are. I am glad to hear that you at least have friends that know and get you. Very important and possibly rare to find jewels (friends).You know what I mean? The right ones for you, either hand picked and molded just for you and your temperament and likewise for theirs. Not necessarily agreeing with everything but knowing how you communicate and how to communicate with you. You know what I mean Bairavee? When I think of all of the people I’ve known and have been a friend to me, I wonder have I even been a real friend to them when I think back about it. I say this because I feel like at the time, I was being a friend the best way I knew how at that time. But now in this 2nd half of my life I realize as I am 51 years old and still growing. I realize that I have never truly opened up fully with any of them. I mainly listened to what they had to say, agreed, and if my view was ever apposing, I just kept it to myself for many years because I was never brave enough to show that I apposed anything. (SMDH) but still working on myself and evolving. Thank you for the opportunity to share.


  3. boozilla says:

    As always, cogent and totally right on. You are one of the few who encompass the many layers of….”reality”?….we all experience and offer sensitive and sensible navigation tools. This is needed more now than ever, as you know. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

  4. Naomi Seedberg says:

    Your 6 points are spot on. Sometimes leaving and reassessing is the brilliant choice. You know that Kenny Rogers song, “you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them…” Shine on!!!

  5. Ana Daksina says:

    I don’t think you failed, my huge-hearted, courageous, galactic sister. I think you succeeded in rising above. Sure am glad we still have you here. Big warm hug to you.

  6. Padparadscha says:

    Why would anyone spend 18 hours online ? This is addiction only. I remember when you were on Facebook there was a point where I thought you’d completely lost your marbles.

    1. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD says:

      This kind of comment and the mindset of the person behind it is exactly why I, and so many other activists and truth-tellers are leaving. There are far too many people who have nothing to show for what they do in the world criticizing others for what they do – and still remaining in their spaces to receive the benefit of free labour. ANY activist cause requires that level of dedication and commitment, and ANY full time business. Or would you call them all addicts? Whilst I do my best to help those in need, I draw the line at those who abuse goodwill or engage in callous condescension. This is where we part ways as I do not grant you the privilege of accessing my work, energy or space. And further attempts on your end will be blocked.


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