ESOTERIC ALIGNMENTS (13-18 June 2020) with Ceto, Psyche, Eros, Hylonome, Borasisi, Chaos, etc.

Blessings to Everyone. I wanted to give you a heads up on several key alignments that will be occurring over the next few days involving bodies such as Eris, Pluto, Ceto, Jupiter, Hylonome, Borasisi, Psyche, Eros and so on.

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Let’s begin.

Over the next few days, we see a highly charged alignment between Chaos (26 Gemini), Borasisi (26 Pisces), Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) and The Sun (moving through late Gemini). This is called a Mutable T-Square and involves one of the most important points in astrology: The Galactic Center.

Essentially, we are asked to recognize that there is a high degree of uncertainty and unpredictability in the kind of messages we encounter in the physical and metaphysical realms. It would be unwise to take anything at face value at this time.

The energy gets even more intense when the Sun opposes the Galactic Center exactly on June 17th (UTC).

Be very discerning and mindful of shifting energies and energies that misrepresent themselves as being of ‘ The Light’ .

Sometimes it’s a metaphysical experience and sometimes you see it directly through a person or a piece of writing. Not all that glitters is gold and this is the time to remember it.

This is a powerful time for a soul-contract to be renegotiated, and equally, for it to be tampered with. If things seem too uncertain, sitting in a space of neutrality is not a bad thing to do. Speak to your guides for clarity and groundedness in these uncertain times and do not doubt that inner voice within when something posing as a guide / Higher Consciousness tells you to do something that all your cells are screaming out again.

The next few days also sees multiple Yods / Fingers of Fate that feature Ceto at 23 Scorpio. Ceto is the energy of the Great Serpent which has been featured, honored, worshipped and feared across the world by so many indigenous civilizations. Those with ancestral lineages and/or soul imprints that remember their relationship with this archetype may see a powerful unfolding and awakening of energy occur at this time.

Know that not all things from the past should remain and be willing to look at which parts of that energy resonate in the present moment – and which do not.

For we do not live in a time in which we can afford to pedestalize anything.

Ceto is involved in three Yods

(1) Ceto in Scorpio (apex) – Sun at 24 Gemini – Eris at 24 Aries

(2) Ceto in Scorpio – Sun in Gemini (apex) – Pluto at 24 Capricorn

(3) Ceto in Scorpio – Sun at 25 Gemini (apex) – Jupiter at 25 Capricorn

**note that Chaos is nearby at 26 Gemini throughout!

Yods 1 & 2 peak around June 15th whereas Yod 3 peaks on June 16th. The energies are strongly felt as a general rule over the next few days.

Long story short, those with these surges of power, memories, knowing and impulses arising from the older indigenous / ancestral connection with the serpentine archetype will have to meet a set of karmic crossroads. What they choose to do will either help them navigate more effectively to transcend a karmic pattern, or to get entrenched into it.

Be wary of the words, spells, utterances, rituals, sounds and information you encounter at this time as they can trigger volatile energies into the mix. It is better to do nothing at this time than to do something with incomplete information as it can catalyze further uncertainty and extreme reactions.

If you are called to do something, focus on the ways your words can constructively dismantle collective structures of power, leadership and authority that do not include the marginalized and effectively recognize the voice of the oppressed Feminine. Remember that the Feminine is not just a set of secondary characteristics but is an archetype found in all beings, races, genders, sexual orientations, and so on.

That being said, there are some combinations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and so on that lead on to be more oppressed or marginalized than others. Let those who have not been heard – be heard!

And prepare to do some deep listening.

We see a lot of this come to a climax during the Pluto (24 Capricorn) – Eris (24 Aries) square that goes exact on June 14th. This is a highly volatile energy that can be very triggering, especially when one is in the effort to tear down the wall between the heard and the downtrodden, the haves and have-nots. Be careful of those who seek to agitate without purpose and intensify righteous anger to the point of extreme toxicity.

This is not the first Pluto-Eris square in recent years, nor will it be the last. There are 6 key dates between 2019 to 2021. I’ll refer you to a past article on this for some context:

In the midst of all this, we also see a Venus Rx (6 Gemini) trining Juno (6 Libra) on June 16 . There’s a powerful push to connect with others, but it is advised to wait. It’s hard to tell which paths and relationships will leads us to karmic journeys we want to take – especially at this time.

Psyche and Eros transiting through Taurus trine Hylonome Rx (16 Capricorn) especially between June 13-17. Both of these bodies are known for making dodgy choices, or for dodgy reasons. I don’t pedestalize either after reading their myth …. Hylonome literally impaled herself on a speak after her husband Cyllarus ran into one recklessly and died.

All of these bodies prey upon the fear of being along, of not meaning anything or amounting to anything without a partnership of some kind. If something is egging you on in the name of ‘ karma’ , a ‘ soulmate’ , ‘a divine union’ … think, and think again. Fear is not a good basis on which to start a relationship, especially at this time of massive misrepresentation and dis-information.

Mercury (14 Cancer) also activates a major Yod or Finger of Fate with Eros (14 Taurus) and the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius), especially around June 14-15. Be mindful as to how erotic and physical impulses push you towards some people and paths and away from others. Being impetuous now may cost you later.

Feel into whatever emotions and sensations you experience and take the time to discern them through. Are they just heat-of-the-moment things, or are they coming from a deeper place.

It’s also wise not to try and put your emotions into shiny spiritual boxes and justifications because they make you feel better. Just be honest as best you can. And you can’t at this time, just give yourself the permission to wait and not jump the gun.

Last but not least remember that Mercury is due to station retrograde at 14 Cancer on June 18th. This will give you the time to revisit everything you’re feeling and sensing – up till July 12th. Things aren’t what they seem on the surface for the most part, so it’s to your advantage to hold on for a little bit and get more information.

There will be some of you in the fray doing what you feel is right. And that’s good – but remember – whatever form of activism you do should ideally come from your inner awakening and understanding – rather than something arising from the egging on / agitation / manipulation of another.

Also remember: We have some MAJOR eclipses coming up.

Blessings to All,

Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess




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