Hello, Neighbour # 10! Checking In …

In this installation of Hello, Neighbour! – We talk about manifestation, spiritual approaches to prepare for the Solar Eclipse, indicators of certain karmic patterns in charts, points of focus, dreams – and just saying hi to the community.

What gets covered in a Hello, Neighbour installation depends on the questions I get from the community. And sometimes they’re real gems.

Much love!

Dr Bairavee

What the community receives from this series is what they put into it in terms of questions and engagement. I try my best to keep it as interactive as possible and to answer as many questions as I can. And hopefully it helps ease one’s feelings of uncertainty around it all, even in a small measure.


Dr. Bairavee

P.S. – Remember that the energy for the next few days has been addressed in-depth in the previous video/article:

* * *


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