General Alignments Till July 5th, 2020

Blessings everyone! In this video I talk about some key astrological challenges and opportunities we shall face in the buildup to the next Eclipse!

I am doing this a little in advance as I just got some fairly bad news and need some time to process – I do discuss it in the video.

I am not sure if I’ll be doing a video near the eclipse itself, but all the key points you need to navigate the next few days is already provided here. Just for reference – this is the equivalent of a Tier-23 Level 1 Analysis.

Material shared as part of the Tier-23 program goes into far greater depth and intensity.

Having said that, let’s begin!

23rd June (all dates as per UTC time)

Neptune stationed retrograde at 20 Pisces.

Sudden revelations of truth, karma, deception, betrayal, opportunities for greater alignment and the constant choice of faith over fear. Video gives you context

Mars (27 Pisces) square Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

The challenge of old karmic contracts coming to the fore – the push to truly walk your talk and head further on the path. The need to be more communicative, either as student, teacher or both with respect to spiritual matters.

25th June

Chiron (9 Aries) squared Vesta (9 Cancer)

Vesta plays a big role in upcoming alignments and the Eclipse itself. Be very careful as to what you are called to invest your energies into, especially if they present themselves in the guise of family, nation, home, a sense of community and so on.

Sometimes we give too much for things we desperately desire – even if we get nothing in return.

Self-sacrifice is not the ethos of the Age of Aquarius.

Venus stations direct at 5 Gemini.

This should be welcome news as we slowly wake up to ideas, connections, financial and material details and opportunities that have been presenting themselves to us.

Hopefully, we would have weeded out that which does not align.

26th June

Mars (28 Pisces) squared Mean North Node (28 Gemini), Mean South Node (28 Sagittarius) and Ixion (28 Sagittarius)

Your spiritual path is likely to meet challenging or oppositional figures, especially those who claim a monopoly on truth or require you to surrender your will and obey them. Say no and protect yourself: physically, psychically and in terms of your immune system.

Jupiter (24 Capricorn) squared Eris (24 Aries)

Be especially careful of volatile egoes flying about, especially if you’re clashing with the status quo. It’s a good time to look at parts of yourselves or whole populations that are marginalized and excluded from their moment in the sun.

This is an excellent alignment for inclusivity, but taken too far it can become a recipe for egoic escalation. Jupiter will square Eris again later in the year, so it’s not a one-off.

Borasisi (26 Pisces) square Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) before Borasisi stations retrograde

As you know, I interpret Borasisi as the teachings or projections of the false light. Take your time and do your due diligence before you believe everything you hear or read. There’s an awful lot out there wanting to screaming Truth and lacking any discernment in the process.

Remember that Mars is at a late stage of Pisces, so a lot of what is coming up comes from the metaphysical realms and the dream state.

28th June

Mars enters Aries.

Whilst the temptation to go gung-ho into the fray is there, remember that we are still in Mercury retrograde and Mars will also retrograde in Aries. There’s a lot to do this year, but it’s all about patience and timing for the greatest effect.

Instead : Channel that Mars in Aries into the Mars-Saturn sextile instead so you can choose to lend your energies to collective causes that support many (without depleting yourself). If you have bodies near or at 0 Virgo, this becomes a Yod or Finger of Fate. Things get very karmically intense at that point – even more so than usual.

29th June

Mercury conjunct Vesta at 10 Cancer

Again, look to what calls you in the name of home, nation, culture and family – is this real, or projection?

Sun (8 Cancer) squared Juno (8 Libra)

Look at those coming up in your field to enter into soul-connections with you. Are these experiences ones that align with your path – or is it a case of old karma, tempting bottle?

30th June

Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn

Another eruptive aligment. Pluto squared Eris went exact on 14 June, whereas Jupiter will do the same on 26th June.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction square Eris brings up revolution – so that the status quo is forced to shift. This square will happen again later in the year so it’s not the end of the story. Please be very mindful of your surrounding and the energies of volatile energies seeking to egg you on into conflict.

More info on this in the video with context. Pay attention to earthquake activity.

1st-2nd July

Sun (9 Cancer) conjunct Mercury (9 Cancer) sextile Uranus (9 Taurus) square Chiron (9 Aries)

Are you seeking home and belonging from a place of perceived woundedness? Is what you call home a wounding or triggering place – or both?

Just be real with your feelings and do the inner work to know whether you’re projecting, avoiding or facing it. Work with teachers and paths that hold the right balance of support and challenge.

1st July

Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn.

Here’s where the status quo pushes back, hard. As it will for the next few months. The progress we have made collectively needs to be sustained. Keep an eye out for your immune systems as Capricorn can be linked to autoimmune issues. Do the work but remember to self-care. It’s a balance.

4th July

Chiron (9 Aries) opposite Juno (9 Libra), Sun (13 Cancer) trine Nessus (13 Pisces)

Similar themes. Watch your emotions and the vulnerabilities they open you up to. Themes of abuse and betrayal from hidden places and past-life dynamics come to the fore. Psychic protection recommended, especially before sleeping.

5th July

Lunar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn opposed Sun and Vesta at 13 Cancer

This will be late night / early morning on July 4th for those of you in the Americas.

A powerful time for the structures of power to be laid bare and you will have to choose what you invest your emotions, beliefs and service into. It comes down to what is your home, who is your family, what is the culture of your nation?

This is happening globally, however it has a special significance in USA as it occurs close to its annual Independence Day Celebration. I expect to see a lot of volatility unfold there, so please be careful if you’re out and about then.

As the Sun and Vesta are inconjunct the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius), pay attention as well to the teachers and paths who appear to you at this time. Do they lead you true or astray?

Watch the energy of the words you encounter: Do they help you find real solutions, or are they just egging you on?

Those with alignments near 13 Taurus and/or Aquarius will experience this as a major Yod or Finger or Fate. Eyes open! Big decisions to be made involving finances, food, friendships and/or technology.

Taken together, this is an immense window and opportunity for change.

Do your due diligence.

Feel into things. Is it a projection, a reaction, a trigger – or something deeper?

Look for the lie in places you didn’t want to. You’ll be closer to the truth.

And if you have the privilege to not have to worry about the status quo, use it to help others who unfortunately do.

Avoid judgements, but stay discerning.

And as always – keep the faith!

CONTRIBUTIONS: . You may want to watch the video to find out why this would be even more useful to me than before.

SESSIONS: – Trust that the time you choose will be the right one – and if not Spirit will nudge me to let you know anyway. Trust the process.

TIER-23: – The premium monthly program with far more detail. All done with a lot of heart.


Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


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  1. Ana Daksina says:

    I’m not in taking media, but read that you’ve received difficult news — my prayers join yours, my dear

  2. Tanja says:

    I think the phrase you were looking for is “it packs a punch” 😀

  3. Vivien says:

    Returning to this through an extraordinary time.Thank you! Neptune has stationed directly on my natal Mars Venus conjunction in Pisces as Mars passed across the same point. Ie. a new Mars cycle too. I am sorry for the disappointment and financial ventral you encountered Bairavee and wish you comfort, healing and resolution. Xx

    1. Vivien says:

      Even the word betrayal changes into something else!!


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