Saturn Re-Enters Capricorn: Practical & Metaphysical Guidance

Hello everyone. The video discusses practical and metaphysical approaches to Saturn’s re-entry into Capricorn. Roughly half the video is community Q&A on various spiritual topics afterwards. We have a good crowd in the live discussions and everyone benefits 🙂

To re-cap the key details:

Saturn re-entered Capricorn at 23:37 UT Time on July 1st, 2020.

(In other words, just a few hours ago)

Saturn will station direct at 25 Capricorn on 29th September 2020. It began its retrograde at 1 Aquarius on 11th May, 2020.

Saturn will finally re-enter Aquarius at 5:03 UT Time on 17th December, 2020. It first entered Aquarius/left Capricorn on March 22nd 2020.

Saturn entered the shadow phase at 25 Capricorn on February 3rd, 2020. It will exit the shadow phase at 1 Aquarius on January 3rd 2021.

So – to translate all of this –

Between May to September 2020, we revisit the events of Feb-May. Delays, obstacles, hidden structures or simply pressure on projects, legacies, careers, social status, structures of power etc. comes to light . The first part of the retrograde was in Aquarius – and now it’s in Capricorn.

Between September 2020 to January 2021, we consolidate the decisions made and revisited in the past few months. It’s when we look at all we learnt during the retrograde and do our best to manifest it more concretely. This is precisely why I have said … WAIT AND WATCH BEFORE YOU ACT IN 2020.

So, the retrograde has been underway for a bit, but what’s different now is the change of sign. The pressure is less on aligning within collective groups / soul tribes / waves of consciousness – and more so on the actual material and metaphysical structures that make up our experience of reality.

It involves looking at what we empower or disempower through our actions, belief systems and the physical, ecological, biological, mental, metaphysical, emotional and spiritual contexts we live in.

It involves becoming even more aware of the superstructure around us and being willing to challenge it where required, or to invest in it (differently).

Which is why fear-and-scarcity-based thinking needs to be booted out.

We’ve been working with Capricorn for a few years now. It is super unlikely that whatever revelations come up (especially with the eclipse in Capricorn around the corner) will be a total shock. It’s likely to have built over time.

So if you’ve been walking your path and keeping and eye on things, no matter what comes up – you’re likely to have had some prior indication to it. Of course this does depend on your individual path.

Some of it may be heavy lifting in the long term, but remember that Capricorn empowers you through the lesson of persistence.

A little bit every day goes a long way.

You just have to be persistent and consistent.

Speaking briefly about the Eclipse, what I see coming up is more truth with respect to how people feel about and identify with structures of power, cultural norms and standards of success. Again … it’s unlikely to be anything radically different that we did not see coming. An escalation of themes we’ve been seeing, but nothing new.

Change is the name of the game, but Capricorn has been teaching us how to take the long-term perspective with it.

Focus on what’s important, what’s in front of you and what you have some ability to exert influence over.

Visualization can help but it needs to be met with real action.

Most importantly, I recommend bringing your focus back to your body.

What are your bones saying?

What are your joints saying?

What is your physical structure telling you about yourself and your relationship with the world right now?

What does it tell you about the way you structure your relationship with Spirit?

You’d be surprised at what you can discover.

Honor and care for the body and its structure that allows you to exist in this world. It can react badly if unheard. Autoimmune issues, joint stiffness, excessive growths are very Capricornian issues. That doesn’t mean you’ll get all of that stuff, it just means you have to keep your eyes open.


Capricorn does not care about your feelings, it cares about how you take a practical and long-term approach to managing situations.

Step-by-step, day-by-day, little-by-little.

That’s how you make lasting change and structures that support them.

In short: This retrograde and upcoming Eclipse in Capricorn is nothing to lose your head about. Some of you will see the beginning of careers and long-term perspectives of legacies, relationships with the structures of power, understandings of society, etc. emerge.

Others will see a dissolution of the same so you can find what the real deal is for yourself.

This level of uncertainty honestly accompanies every eclipse. The difference here is the focus on Capricorn. And we’ve talked about what that looks like.

Breathe. Focus. Do what you’re called to. Rest. Breathe. Repeat.


Dr. Bairavee

The Sky Priestess

SESSIONS: (Trust in the timing)


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2 thoughts on “Saturn Re-Enters Capricorn: Practical & Metaphysical Guidance

  1. DRA Wise says:

    This is so accurate with what I’ve been feeling & experiencing. My Saturn is in Aquarius with Capricorn rising. My joints in one of fingers was very sore this week, so the fact that joints and the body is mentioned is really synchronicity/confirmation. I’m also finding myself looking at the bigger picture to things and getting real about what I want in this life and how to actually get there. Thanks Dr. B!


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