Dodging Karmic Bullets & A Good Time To Do Stuff (14-20 July 2020 + BEYOND)

Hullo. I talk about alignments which seek to trigger people back into old ways of being, including the upcoming New Moon in Cancer. I also address when’s a good time to do things (1st week of August).

Just a synopsis today as it’s a heavy day.

Remember that your emotions aren’t truth, but they’re good indicators of where to look. What you feel and how you feel about it isn’t your soul.

Living from that level of consciousness is a very different experience.

Psyche also begins her long … long .. transit of Gemini soon. It’s about keeping your head-space clear and knowing when you exert an influence on another’s.

Words, sounds and expressions matter as they pull or push you towards different paths of karma.

Much Love

Dr Bairavee


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  1. kalika says:

    Thank you so much Dr B….find myself wishing you were closer in my friendship group. LOVE your energy…..❤❤❤


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