July 20-22, 2020: New Moon Yod & Vesta’s Choices

Greetings everyone! I’ve been recovering from a fever for the past few days but am fine now. It’s been a very energetically intense time for us all. As it has been since 2012!

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to do this video as I had already mentioned whatever I felt I needed to with respect to the New Moon: Not the best time for decisions, stay with your emotional process. This is still true in terms of best practice at this time.

But I felt compelled to speak and write after the latest report on the murder of Breonna Taylor. Not only was this woman wrongfully killed, she was left to lie in her own blood after repeated gunshots for 5 minutes. And no one did a thing. As we will see in the astrological analysis, this is EXACTLY the energy that surrounds this New Moon. To a tee.

I had an intuitive hunch there was more to tell about this story, but that does not excuse the fact that her killers have yet to be brought to justice. And sadly it is symptomatic of the erasure that many Black Women feel when anyone claims to speak for social justice. This is why I’ve been focusing on her case even though there are so many others … too many.

Here’s a link to the recent developments on the case:


Now, getting to the astrology, let’s go over the major alignments first – and remember – if you want these in advance with a lot more detail – consider joining the Tier-23 program.

20th July

  • YOD / Finger of Fate with the New Moon (28 Cancer) sextiled Sedna (28 Taurus), inconjunct Ixion (28 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).
  • New Moon (28 Cancer) opposed Saturn (28 Capricorn)

21st July

  • Neptune (20 Pisces) trine Vesta (20 Cancer)
  • Mercury (9 Cancer) square Chiron (9 Aries)
  • Jupiter (21 Capricorn) inconjunct Thereus (21 Leo)

22nd July

  • Sun enters Leo
  • Jupiter (21 Capricorn) opposite Vesta (21 Cancer)
  • Saturn (28 Capricorn) trine Sedna (28 Taurus)

The implications of each alignment is discussed in the video. So I’m just going to provide a summary of themes.

The Yod during the New Moon brought us all to face the wound of disconnection, betrayal and dismemberment of the Feminine at the hands of the patriarchy. Do a little research on Sedna if this myth resonates with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt it viscerally through your body at this time, or if it presented itself through dreams.

Emotional tyrants and abusers are likely to be very triggered at this time – and they are likely to want you to acquiesce to being a battery or scapegoat or enabler or punching bag or martyr for their cause. Remember that emotional abuse does not always look like something aggressive, it can also be very passive-aggressive.

Guilt-tripping is the weapon of choice for the passive-aggressive. Giving into that does not heal anyone, ever.

Key sources of this are people in your home-space, family, domestic partners, community members – anyone who wants to establish a relationship of belonging with you.

Remember: Not everyone who wears the ‘ victim ‘ hat is necessarily innocent. Not everyone who seems brusque is necessarily abusive.

Stay discerning. Things are not always what they seem when there are so many emotional triggers afoot.

Keep saying no to the patterns that have sought to silence your work towards autonomy and healthy community.

This is also a very triggering time for those who identify with the wounded healer trope – and it’s time to ask yourself why you’re carrying those wounds. Are they truly central to your identity or you willing to explore something new?

On the flip-side, it’s an amazing time to work with healthy community to heal some old wounds. If you have people like that around you, celebrate! That’s pretty healing in itself.

It’s also a time where dreams, psychic occurrences and astral impressions can try to bait you into committing your emotions, devotion and service on way or another. Be wary of these, especially if you are hypersensitive. Stay focused on clarity and compassion within to begin with.

Thereus and Chiron keep triggering those wounds of feeling inadequate, or being predated upon. Listen to your kids / pets / loved ones to see if they’re okay.

Whilst you don’t have to be therapist / facilitator for everyone, you can possibly support them with resources to find the help they need or just be present. This is assuming you have the emotional reserves to do so.

If you’re fighting for the noble cause of social justice, my recommendation is still to do the work within first. Unprocessed anger can lead a real cause to fizzle out as it is more vulnerable to campaigns of disinformation and distraction.

Be very mindful of projection dynamics. Some people are truly working through old karma, and others are finding reasons to hold onto it. Or to simply continue karma-drama for it’s own sake.

If you’re wanting to start something new, wait for the next Full Moon in Aquarius in the first week of August! The New Moon after it has some problems, so work with what you got.

Blessings and love

Dr Bairavee

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