July 28: Mean Node Opposed Galactic Center (Re-write those karmic contracts, dissolve old beliefs)

It’s that time. The North Node opposes the Galactic Center! Goes exact with the North Node on July 28th and with the True Node in the 3rd week of August.

This is a powerful time to re-write karmic contracts and to let go of old ways of being and thinking.

This includes old approaches to astrology. All systems work as long as astrologers are willing to keep learning new tools and to let go of approaches that resonate with the old.

That does not mean pedestalizing old laws, it means being willing to revitalize them with new energy in alignment with the frequencies of awakening Earth.

No system, body of experience, belief system, person, etc. has a monopoly on knowledge.

Observe what works in experience, not just theory. Be open to adjusting your beliefs if they do not resonate with the experiences, or with a pattern of life you wish to live by.

Even when engaging with my work. It’s not meant to be an authority on your life and what you believe.

You’re entitled to that in your own space.

There’s a lot of activity today (July 27th) that foreshadows this major alignment, involving Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Vesta.

I address this in the first part of the video.

The beauty of this piece is the energy behind it, so enjoy.


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1 thought on “July 28: Mean Node Opposed Galactic Center (Re-write those karmic contracts, dissolve old beliefs)

  1. Sophia Savich says:

    Thanks for your work, it’s refreshing and inspirational even as I know little about astrology. From Northern California to
    Sri Lanka, it doesn’t seem so far…….🙏❤️😊
    Sophia Savich


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