Discussion on Aquarian Full Moon / Hello, Neighbour #14!

I have shared my material and approach on the Full Moon as part of the ‘Hello, Neighbour’ series:

There’s lots of material covered here which has been more triggering than usual.

We don’t do the slavish astrology rules your life mumbo-jumbo here. Or that I or anyone else should be the authority on how you lead your life – that’s on you.

I encourage people to research their questions first and to realize that chart reading takes time and energy. And also to realize that astrology should not be a substitute for living.

Maybe that’s why this has been a more triggering piece for some.

In terms of the Full Moon, go with the flow. Unexpected shit will come up. Realize that whatever is happening is pointing you to the possibility of a life in greater vibrational sync with your soul’s path.

It’s a good time to push for what you want. I would not say the same about the upcoming New Moon in Leo.

Take care. The only real ‘warning’ I would issue is with improper wiring, backing up data, keeping an eye out for your ankles and general co-ordination.

We’ve got a double Uranian vibe on this Moon as the Aquarian Full Moon squares Uranus in Taurus.

A lot is coming through the Earth right now and challenging our value systems and connection with Gaia. From experience, it’s best to let the Earth do her thing.

Even the most popular esoteric models don’t come close to what she’s up to.

Ciao ciao

The Sky Priestess

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