Preparation for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (November 30th) & Encouragement on the Path Ahead

Hello everyone!

I recently did an extended Q&A session with spiritual seekers, friends, and community members. In retrospect, all the questions asked and answered were what I would have said for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on November 30th. So I figured a little context would go a long way.  

Eclipses usually take 7-10 days to build up and then wind down before the exact moment itself. We are already in the build-up to the Lunar Eclipse on November 30th that goes exact at 8 Gemini. This echoes lessons and energies from previous iterations of the Lunar Saros Cycle 116. 

So, look back to periods, possibly in world history or just in your own life as follows – September 1912, October 1930, October 1948, October 1966, November 1984, November 2002, etc. Whatever we create or dissolve (or both) with this Eclipse then comes up in different ways in the future, i.e., December 2038, December 2056, etc. (You can always Google or Wiki the Saros series for eclipses you want to know more about)

Look at what ideas of truth, knowledge, ideology, philosophy, spiritual or religious rhetoric you adopted. Know that people sometimes end up committing to something larger, even at an early age, by latching onto a single idea, vision, or principle.  

As it’s an Eclipse, it’s hard to say which way this one will go. Some of you will be ‘eclipsing’ out specific paths and ideas you’ve been following in 18-year cycles. Others will want to commit to certain things further. 

I expect to see some shuffling in and out in terms of the fans and subscribers around this time. And it’s healthy 🙂

But generally speaking, it’s all about the shift in perspective that comes when you learn enough to learn to let go. 

Too many people get messed up by spirituality (and religion) because they see it as an acquisition exercise. You seek to acquire skills, knowledge, wisdom, powers, etc. The ego gets a ‘high’ from what it thinks it knows. The cycle keeps continuing. And at some point, that too stops working. 

The search for more becomes a hunger, and you let your guard down, and your path gets distorted. For many, that hunger then extends to others’ energies and life-journeys. That is not a line worth crossing. 

To me, spirituality is the recognition of the most fundamental current that underpins the experience of life. It is not something separate that you do or claim to box apart from that life-stream. 

In practice, the more you know, the more you want to let go of what you think you know. That’s when you actually begin to get an idea about what on earth all of this is about. 

Life gets deeper. And simpler. That simplification does not mean you engage less in the world. But that you do so with more directness, focus, and compassion than you did before. 

That is not something that can be taught. It has to come with daily discipline, practice, and experience. 

That’s essentially the energy behind the group interaction here, and many related questions are brought up. Remember that teaching does not have to look like a hierarchical, formal, mechanical process. Remember that teaching does not need to be dogmatic or even spoken. 

Creating a vibration that allows someone to feel safe enough to feel joy is enough in itself. 

I send you love. 

And remember – if you need some guidance, I am available for session-work from November 27th onwards. I’m just about rested from that last round of intensity. 

Enjoy <3 

Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess 


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