Feeling Through the Pain: Alchemy of Transmutation (Hello, Neighbour #29 !)

Blessings everyone,

Yesterday’s Hello, Neighbour was unusually potent. I talk about the process of empathy and that heart-centric connection that acts as an agent to the alchemical process in the work that I do. But not in such intellectualized terms. It’s very much about being will to feel into those spaces of grief and to recognize that there is still so much death and pain flooding in through the events of 2020. It is not a clean slate. We still have so much to do.

I also address questions such as how spiritworkers can handle narcissist families, why this happens, what my favourite candy is, the role of dreaming in processing the work and associated caution required, and so on. And much much more.

We had quite a few people come onto the call to express their gratitude for the work that is done, especially in sessions. That was lovely to witness and I thank those who did.

I also show you the garden who decided to grow by itself as soon as I got to this new house 😀

Many Blessings

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess


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