Leo Full Moon (28 January 2021): Follow your Heart, not your Ego

Hello lovely people 🙂

I’ve been busy recovering from some health concerns, but wanted to make sure you were equipped to handle the gist of the upcoming Leo Full Moon going exact at 19:16 UT 28th January 2021 at 9 degrees Leo.

This Moon makes key aspects to :

Saturn – 4 Aquarius – opposition

Uranus – 6 Taurus – square

Jupiter – 9 Aquarius – opposition

Mars – 10 Taurus – square

Black Moon Lilith – 11 Taurus – square

Juno – 12 Sagittarius – trine

Chiron – 5 Aries – trine

The Sun – 9 Aquarius – opposition

This is quite a potent combination of bodies. It certainly brings the energy of the past few weeks to a single point of focus, i.e. the Full Moon.

By nature, Leo is expressive, passionate, creative, joyful and present. Individual Leos may exhibit these traits in different ways and to different degrees. At its core, Leo is the performer or showman. It is the Lion roaring in the wind framed by its majestic mane. Leo energy correlates to performance, the arts, media, politics, leadership, children, marriage, love, creative collaborations, inner-child-dynamics and so on.

Look at what comes up with this upcoming Full Moon. You’ll be confronted with the Truth of your own Heart. The choice is yours as to seek the larger picture and lesson behind it, or to let ego rule the day.

A lot will be coming up for people. I discuss this and tools that can be of help in the video.

For those interested, there’s also a longer Hello Neighbour installation done just before this as part of a community hangout and discussion.

Blessings and Love,

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

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