The Truth-Teller’s Eclipse (10 June, 19 Gemini)

Words can make or break reality. Your presence and absence, participation and withdrawal all contribute to the process. Take responsibility for what you create and effects of what you do (or do not know). Know that harm does not only come through hurtful words, but through the lack of connection which leads to neglect. This time around, silence, pause, delay and/or avoidance during a Mercury Retrograde is the worst possible idea. Especially as the Solar Eclipse conjuncts Mercury Rx and squares Neptune, aspecting Vesta, Juno, Nessus (the Abuser) – to name a few things!

Take the time to listen and speak. You may just find a relationship with a voice within you thought was gone forever – or you may facilitate the same for another.

Your soul journeys with others come into clear focus and it is time to question if these connections lead us to truth and sustainable paths of service – or do they lead us to falsehood and depletion? Sometimes a soul journey emerges so you consciously bring it to an end, and sometimes it is to continue birthed anew.

Be aware of concepts and justifications surrounding the idea of service – especially if it’s just the energy of sacrifice with a face-lift.

Look at the roots of your perception through deeper ancestral waters. Are these influences still valid and relevant to the path of truth you walk on?

Look at spiritual matters from the perspective of whether it’s a case of needing an intervention at a given point or – equally – restructuring perception so that you do not fall into the same patterns of experience, yet again.

Be aware of facilitators who seek to rose-tint your perception of difficult experiences to make you feel better. That will not help. You need to be clear with the level of truth you can handle at this time, and aim if you can to challenge yourself.

‘ I Think Therefore I Am ‘ is an oversimplification, at best. The myth of the self in creating is reality exclusively is something that has to go as we collectively approach 5-D consciousness.

Just a few lessons as you walk towards the Eclipse at 19 Gemini, June 10 2021 10:41 UT (point of maximum eclipse)

There is no choice but to Face The Truth.

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