Asteroid Misterrogers # 26858: A Legacy of Hope, Radical Compassion & Uncompromising Presence

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Hello everyone. I want to talk about an asteroid that I became aware of recently named after my hero Mr. Fred Rogers (technically Reverend Dr. Fred Rogers). You can read about him on Wikipedia and check out ‘A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood’ (a biographical drama) or ‘ Won’t You Be My Neighbour?’ (a 2018 documentary).

I look at over 200 asteroids in my work – and there are some that I am just delighted to talk about.

Heaven knows we need a little hope right now.

Among many other things, Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian minister who studied other faiths and received multiple honorary doctorates for his ground-breaking work. He had a deep love for the stars and even produced a planetarium show called ‘The Sky Above Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood ‘with the Carnegie Science Center. He also composed hundreds of songs and played piano.

While there is no way to know what he would think of this interpretation of his legacy from a spiritual-cosmological perspective, I hope he would at least find it thought-provoking.

Mr. Rogers was an intensely alive, humane, compassionate, and caring man who left behind an undeniable legacy by all verifiable accounts. I would say he is the person who comes closest to the embodiment of sainthood for me, though he would never agree with that definition.

Look up some of his speeches online, and you can get a sense of him as a person – and just what he was trying to do in this world.

He spent decades of his life pouring love, compassion, and humble service in his pre-school series Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood (1968-2001). It touched the lives of millions and took a stand on complex issues such as race relations – and normalized the discussion of challenging topics (divorce, death, bullying) to preschoolers.

That’s the way you make a change that lasts. You whisper love and compassion and embody it as best you can to subsequent generations.

Nearly twenty years after he departed from this earth plane, his words are still being circulated now at times of deep despair and crisis. He touched millions of lives in the most humble and understated way one could imagine. One of his trademark red sweaters (knitted by his mother) is kept at the Smithsonian.

Mister Rogers is the inspiration behind my ‘Hello, Neighbour ‘series on Youtube, and while I do not claim to be a Mister Rogers, he is undoubtedly an ideal anyone can learn from.

This article will explore the potential astrological interpretation of asteroid Misterrogers #26858 by discussing its position in the skies during key moments that defined or continued Mr. Rogers’ legacy. I also consider its personal impact upon me.

To me, asteroid Misterrogers represents powerful, embodied hope. It channels that bright ray of hope cutting through despair without engaging in denial but by delving to the depths with the sheer wisdom and uncompromising presence of radical compassion.

Here are some key dates and placements that show the relevance of the Misterrogers asteroid in the way Mister Rogers’ life has been celebrated. I’ve stayed away from looking at intensely personal events out of respect.

(1) Mr. Rogers’ natal 26858 placement & relevance to the upcoming Solar Eclipse

I first looked at where asteroid 26858 was in Mr. Roger’s natal chart itself (you can google to look at online charts). It’s at 19 Gemini in his 2nd house of self-worth and abundance and makes key aspects to several personal planets. (Again, not wanting to delve too much into his personal story)

What strikes me as relevant is that we are about to experience a powerful Solar Eclipse in Gemini – at that PRECISE degree – on June 10th.

(You cannot make this up – that is a staggering coincidence – I would call it a synchronistic flow in the Universe)

Perhaps this is an invitation for all of us to consider the simple wisdom that Mr. Rogers communicated through his decades of work.

Here is a speech of his that will keep you focused and inspired through these times. It is also a powerful reminder of that inner truth that all of us need to find:

(2) Placement of 26858 during the release of ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood ‘(2019 film)

The biographical drama of Mr. Rogers’ life in which Tom Hanks portrayed him was released on October 12th, 2019. On this day, asteroid Misterrogers was at 28 Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, and Ixion (The Tyrant) at 26 Sagittarius.

That is an alignment that enables a powerful, distilled truth to be heard by all. It is not a random occurrence as the Galactic Center consolidates and empowers knowledge. The question is whether that knowledge is relevant to the present day. In this case, I would say it is a resounding yes – and it is aimed to help us, in our own way, stand up to bullying and tyranny.

I ended up watching the movie in early April 2021 as asteroid Misterrogers (at 27 Taurus) squared Thereus (25 Leo) and trined Pluto (26 Capricorn). It came at just the perfect time when I needed a little reminder of faith through a difficult moment. I cried.

(3) Placement of 26858 during the release of ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbour ‘ (2018 documentary)

The documentary became the top-grossing biography ever produced in the United States and received critical acclaim. It was first aired at the Sundance Festival on January 19th, 2018, when asteroid Misterrogers at 17 Libra squared Pluto at 17 Capricorn and trined the Mean South Node at 17 Aquarius. (Pay attention to these degrees)

On June 8th, 2018, the film was released as asteroid Misterrogers at 3 Libra conjuncted the Super-Galactic Center 1 Libra, opposed Chiron 2 Aries, and sextiled Thereus 3 Leo.

In both cases, the film was not here to float on a bubble of positivity divorced from the complex, painful realities of the world. It was here to confront it in a way that would inspire many of us to do the same.

(4) Discovery & naming of asteroid Misterrogers 26858

The asteroid was discovered on March 21st, 1993. At that time, its position was 26 Libra – trining Saturn at 25 Aquarius!

You cannot make this stuff up.

That alignment brings the energy of a higher ideal seeking to anchor justice, balance, and truth in a meaningful way in the collective.

The asteroid’s name was officially published on May 1st, 2003 – just as asteroid Misterrogers 9 Gemini opposed Ixion (The Tyrant) at 8 Sagittarius.

(5) My own connection with this energy of hope and compassion in the face of real-world challenges

I was curious and excited when I found out about this asteroid (as I was looking to learn more about Mr. Rogers himself) and checked it out in my own chart. It’s conjunct my Mercury and is situated at 20 Sagittarius, directly opposed to Mr. Rogers’ natal placement (and the upcoming Eclipse).

It is no wonder that I’m finally writing about this now and sharing it with my audience!

I do share certain similarities with him – a love of piano, a childhood where I was literally terrified for my life because of bullies, a love of the stars, a study of multiple religious paths, a belief in the importance of being a good role model for younger generations – perhaps I knew him in a different life 🙂 What I know for certain is that he inspires me deeply.

When I encountered his energy, I felt so moved. It inspired me to start the ‘Hello, Neighbour!’ series that I currently host on my Youtube channel.

The series aims to create an online space for the community of diverse people who are drawn to my work. And as you know, my space does not condone bullying, transphobia, privileged erasures of history, and so on.

As I said, I’m not the man, but that principle of creating a space for decency and community felt imperative.

While I don’t recall the date of the first video on Facebook, the first public Hello, Neighbour on Youtube took place on March 1st, 2020.

Asteroid Misterrogers was at 19 Aquarius on that day, trining his natal placement and sextiling my natal placement. Interestingly enough, it was opposing Thereus, The Hunter-Stalker at 19 Leo. As you know, I am the only reader of the skies at this point to talk about what Thereus is doing in the skies regularly. It is an energy that many fear to recognize or even acknowledge truthfully.

I find great wisdom and teaching in his energy when seeking to address the challenge that is Thereus. I am sure he would approve of the impulse behind it as it has brought to light hidden patterns that were difficult, if not previously impossible, to articulate.

So many of you have written to me about how an unfiltered understanding of Thereus helped you see, express, and find some peace or strategy to address bizarre situations of abuse or predation in life. Though our methods differ, I think Mr. Rogers would see the merit of that.

(6) A kindred light

Mister Rogers reminds me of yet another soul that filled me with a similar kind of incandescent hope and the desire to engage in the world – and I still grieve his suicide: Robin Williams.

Something about the light that both these men carry touches me deeply. It’s incredibly rare to feel that kind of energy, and I cry when I do.

Unsurprisingly … Robin Williams has asteroid Misterrogers at 28 Sagittarius, yet again, conjunct the Galactic Center squared Saturn at 27 Virgo. The irony is that he brought that light to so many but suffered in silence. That’s a different story, though.

(7) Mister Rogers as an embodiment of radical compassion and taking a stand

To me, asteroid Misterrogers represents the light of true inspiration, grace, radical compassion that shines even brighter when it faces – and is uncompromisingly present to – its seeming opposite.

The man was not a pushover, and in his unique way, was an absolute badass. Just look up how he defended public funds for PBS (Public Broadcasting System) in his testimony at the US Senate.

We need more of that badassery in the world right now.

Admittedly, the world has gotten far more complex since his time – but thankfully – we can still do so much with those simple, powerful lessons of kindness, compassion, and presence.

Notice the frequency of adversarial energies like Thereus, Pluto, and Ixion aspecting asteroid Misterrogers on key dates relevant to Mister Rogers’ work and introducing his legacy to a new generation at such a critical, volatile time in the world. To me, that is a confirmation that his energy remains very relevant to the present moment.

An iconic moment in his legacy is his willingness to break through racial barriers. For a long time, American baths and pools were segregated (e.g., they did not permit African-Americans to use the same facilities as Caucasian Americans). The fear of sharing pool water came from the idea that African Americans were more likely to spread disease and that Caucasian women would be predated upon by African-American men.

I’m not sure how the rules applied to other ethnic minorities, but I don’t expect things to have been much better for them.

Despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that no longer sanctioned a legal right to segregate pool use, many Americans were still against the idea of mixing freely with African-Americans. On May 9th, 1969, Episode # 1065 of Mister Rogers Neighbourhood aired a scene where Mr. Rogers shared a small foot bath with an African-American police officer, Officer Clemmons (portrayed by opera singer and Rogers’ mentee Dr. Francois Clemmons).

That scene is considered a bold statement against racism, especially as part of television programming aimed at preschoolers! He didn’t stop there; he addressed all kinds of issues, from racism to differently abled people to divorce to death – things that people didn’t think you could talk to children about.

But he could. And did.

Without surprise, on the date that iconic episode aired, asteroid Misterrogers was at 20 Capricorn (in retrograde), trining Pluto Rx 22 Virgo and the Sun 18 Taurus. That’s a powerful Grand Earth Trine, right there, creating waves in how we think about the material world, human bodies, purity, and the kind of society we seek to build.

It is no wonder that the man is as loved and as well-regarded as he is. Truly a touchstone of what love in action can do.

So I hope this brief discussion gives all of you something new and hopeful to think about. As I write this, asteroid Misterrogers at 16 Cancer squares Panacea (the cure to all ills) at 14 Libra.

Coincidence? I think not.

Here’s the link to the most recent installation of Hello, Neighbour, in which I introduce this asteroid to the community.

Moving forwards, I found these articles inspiring in getting us to think about what Mr. Rogers would do today.

How would he encourage us to transform our neighbourhoods, to be better neighbours? – A PhD thesis by Dr Jeana Lietz on the lessons that Mr. Rogers has to share for educational leaders

Whatever lessons you take from this, let them inspire us to be honest, decent people doing what we can – not just for ourselves but also for those who need the most help.

He said it himself in that video link I shared up above. Truly inspirational.

We certainly need more of that in the world.

Blessings to All

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

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