Invitation to Join Tier-23

Guest Access Sample of Program for March 8-15, 2020

There’s been quite a bit of reshuffling and energetic partings surrounding my Tier-23 program, and truthfully I welcome it. We’ve been seeing some people go who are frankly not aligned with the work, and all that does is to make way for the new. Sometimes it’s a case of finances and it doesn’t surprise me to see people come back when they can.

So if you want a lot more astrological content from my end with a challenging level of energetic integration required each week, feel free to check out Tier-23. It’s not for the faint of heart.

You don’t technically even need a very solid grasp of the astrological material as more and more people find they get what they need simply by listening and sitting with the energy a few times. But it does sink in.

You get somewhere around 90-120 minutes per month of facilitation through this program. It greatly assists people in finding the paths that work best with them.

The video linked is a free sample of what you get, referencing alignments in March 2020.

Be aware though, there are no shenanigans tolerated around this work. As a member, you carry certain responsibilities of conduct and rules of engagement.

If I find that you are using my material or accessing my energy in a way that does not respect the work and effort that goes into it, or in a way that trangresses basic laws of energy and compassion – you’ll be booted out.

Much like my energy, the program is not for everyone. And that is okay. But if you’re interested in raising your threshold of awareness and ability to integrate complex information, I highly recommend joining the program.

If you need something lighter, keep enjoying the free content provided here.

It’s really a lite-version of what goes in Tier-23.

For more information, go to

To contribute to my work and upkeep, go to

To book a session or join Tier-23 straightaway go to

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

** Program is subject to strict Terms of Use and Sharing made clear to participants. As a facilitator I reserve the right to keep the energetic boundaries of my work safe and will remove those individuals who are not following the agreed rules or accessing the energy of my space for reasons that do not align with my, their, and all of our highest and deepest good.

1 thought on “Invitation to Join Tier-23

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    You tell ‘em exactly like it is, sister. That’s the way I teach poetry too — “If you don’t like the rules here, there are plenty of places they still play by yours — please go there. Right. Now.”

    You’re a strong, sweet Voice of Reason in a largely unreasonable day — and this poet, just for one, thanks heaven each time she is graced with the depth and wisdom of your insights.

    You go, gurl 🥰


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