The Astrologer´s Astrologer: Testimonial by Jo´el Adifon

If you haven’t gotten an astrology reading from Bairavee Balasubramaniam (name pronounced Bye-Ra-Vee) and you are seriously on the spiritual path, you should definitely consider it.

Bairavee is the astrologer’s astrologer.

If you’re a healer, intuitive, or other spiritual practitioner, you definitely need to add her to your list.

Not only is she a master at what she does, but she’s a literal genius and weaves together archetypal symbology, spiritual profundity, and extremely accurate intuitive insight with finesse. She can pull from more than 150 celestial bodies, not talked about in conventional astrology. She’s also well-versed in both the Western and Vedic systems.

She is a very powerful channel for Spirit and when you get a reading from her, you’ll see that her intuitive abilities are the real deal. Those who know me know I’m not down with anything but the Love and Power of the Infinite and she definitely walks in a great deal of that.

My reading with her was at the end of August and I’m STILL continuing to see things she told me would happen playing out as she told me, oftentimes VERBATIM. The synchronicity and alignment following our session has been mind-boggling.

In addition to all that, Bairavee has a FIERCE Compassion, a burning desire to see those who come to her embrace the Greatness of their Souls.

I wholeheartedly endorse not only what she does, but who she is.